Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Secret Love Affair part 1

Up until 6 months ago, I would have never even thought there was such a thing as a relationship with food, let alone see that I had a problem with mine. It wasn't until I was doing the inner compass work in Bob Harper's book "are you ready" That I was asked about my relationship with food. At first I thought, ok Bob has lost his mind on this one, I'm supposed to have a relationship with food?!?! and then that's when it hit me that not only did I have a relationship, I
had a full blown secret love affair. My affair gave me comfort when I was anxious, made me happy when I was sad and was always there when I was feeling lonely! I learned at an early age the power of food and how it could be used to muffle emotions, so its without saying, I've been overweight ever since I was a little kid. I used to sneak food
after school when I was home alone, or out of the fridge at night time when I couldn't sleep. No matter what changed in my life, I knew food would ALWAYS be there for me. But now I was being asked to end my 22 year long affair. Breaking up is never easy, but like in real life relationships, its easier to break up when you have friends by your side supporting you. Ask yourself today, What is your relationship with food? Are you hiding a secret love affair? and are you ready for the break up? Part two, The Breakup, is comming tomorrow!


momma_ali said...

Whew. HIT SO CLOSE TO HOME. This is me to a T. Thank you for putting to words what I never could! I am sorry you had to deal with this too, and still have to if you are like me. It is probably never ending, a battle we will always be fighting. But we are strong independent women. WE CAN DO THIS. I am so proud of you and so THANKFUL for you!

Kaci said...

Oooo yes this hit home too! I still struggle with this, I have good and bad days. It did get easier for me but every now and then I slip.

Mesha said...

love affair ended in february thanks to say! :) you totally just gave me an idea for my next blog too, so I thank you for that. (i'll link your page.) I am going to answer your question in my next blog post...Am I hiding a secret love affair? Am I ready for the breakup? :)

Mesha said...

sweet, i posted my response to the questions as my post of the day. i linked you too, thanks again.

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