Friday, November 9, 2012

Anyone here? Wow how life has changed. I got married and it's been almost a year! We now have two very happy poodle pups and I have this crazy new job that has me traveling all over the United States. I made a list of what I wanted in a career and I got it. While it's been a lot of "stress" transitioning from jobs to a career, I'm happy doing what I'm doing- writing, public speaking and networking ( I work on a grant project for the U.S. Army on behalf of the National Science Teacher's Association)! I find myself burnt out for writing since I write all day and have occasionally thought about this blog and how I use to write all the time but now I find my free time is filled with spending time with my family. There are still plenty of struggles with health. Between 2 major injuries (which has taken me out of running) and a serious struggle with Lupus, it's been rough but I am so fortunate to have a wife that supports me along the way. Ok Gotta go, I was actually on my way to blog for work but saw this and thought I'd just say hi!


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